Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11

After reading this blog post over at, I decided it was time to throw down some cash and purchase a better video editing program.  Until now, all of my videos have been pieced together using Windows Movie Maker (yikes!) or a comparable program that came free with my Kodak PlaySport.  While they both "worked", countless crashes and limited control of...well...everything, made these programs about as functional as using a hammer to chop down a tree. 

When I discovered that Sam Root (unlike me, he is a pro) at was using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11, I decided to go ahead and order the software.  The $65 price tag makes Movie Studio HD very accessible to an amateur like me in a market riddled with video editing software north of $500.

The video below is the first project that I have pieced together using Movie Studio HD.  The learning curve is surprisingly fast with this software and it is actually enjoyable to use.  Most of the processes are intuitive and I have yet to run into any crashes or other hurdles that I encountered with the previous programs.  While I have only scratched the surface with what Vegas Movie Studio HD can do, I highly recommend it to other kayak anglers that like to mess around with video.  Now I just need to find some bigger fish.


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