Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saluda River - 1/27/2011 Fishing Report

If you are looking for nonstop action, head out to the lower Saluda River in Lexington, SC.  The rainbow trout that SCDNR stocked in the river are hungry!  In a few hours I was able to catch well over 20 of these little guys on light tackle from my kayak.  Paddle upstream from the James Metts Landing and fish the first set of rapids.  I was using Blue Fox's Whip Tail 1/8oz spinners on light tackle with 4lb test line. These trout seemed to favor the black/silver color combo as well as the orange.  The Blue Fox multi-pack (here is a link for what to look for) can be purchased at walmart for $6.

After fishing those rapids, I made my way upstream to the swift water near the spillway.  I saw a nice sized bald eagle on the paddle up, something I have grown accustom to seeing every time I am on that section of the river.  The largest rainbow that I caught came from this area, and although it only measured in at 12", he put on a show.  Here is a recap video of some of the action, available in 720p HD.

Note: Without trying to sound like someone's mother, it is important to remember that the Saluda, while beautiful, can turn ugly in just a few minutes.  Combine that with cold weather and 40 degree water temperatures and bad things can happen if you are not prepared.  If SCE&G starts lowering the lake (read all about it and check levels here), the water flow on this river can change drastically so always, always wear a lifejacket and the proper cold weather gear.  If the warning beacons go off or you notice the river level starting to rise, get back to the landing.  It is very manageable, just use your head.  

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  1. Nice post. I know I'm late to the party, but the Blue Fox Whip Tail worked for me last Sunday at a local pond that is stocked with trout by my state's game department.